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Dentals may either refer to the teeth or to the clinical treatments and procedures associated with the teeth. Hence, a person who recently undergone a dental exam can be colloquially referred to as someone who recently have had dentals. On the other hand, the term dentals may also refer to dental prostheses. When generally referring to dental prostheses such as fake dentures and crowns, the term dentals can be used as generically.

Although the term dentals is acceptable in common use, it is not acceptable if used in reports describing clinical dental procedures. For instance, endodontics procedures cannot simply be referred to as dentals. The use of specific names rather than the generic name dentals is preferable in formal written reports.

This is especially true when it comes to insurance policies. The different types of dental services cannot simply be referred to as dentals. Here at, you will also find comprehensive listings of dentists specializing in different fields. We also have directory listings of dental providers and other dental-related businesses.